Our 5th edition will take place between 14th – 16th July, 2022 as a hybrid event .


Our nominees are determined during 4 quarterly evaluation processes. The list will be updated with the arrival of new nominees each quarter.

Pierre & Jeanne, Dir: Clémentine Célarié, Switzerland
Invisible, by Jeong Hee Jun, South Korea
Zugvögel, by Johannes Buchholz, Germany
Kontakti, by Toni Majaniemi, Finland
Dream 1991, by Matías Zemljič, Slovenia
The Anger, by Maria Ivanova Z., Lebanon

A Second Husband, by Tommy Britt, United States
Riding on Duke’s Train – DDD, by Ken Kimmelman & Mick Carlon, United States
A Long Way Home, by Steven Bogart, United States
Hounded, by Joshua Allen, United States
Obadiah – A Pulp Fiction Prequel, by Phillip Hollins, United States
Capri, by Michael J Dunker, United States
The Crossing, by Fred Perry, United States
Getting Your Hair Cut in Indiana, by Rebecca Leigh, United States
Level Up, by Jason Skorski
South of the Border, by William Scott Williams, United States
Shark’s Instinct, by Bethany Maines, United States
Don’t Change Your Husband, by John McCloskey, United States
, by Cameron Barnes, United States
Deep Ascent, by J. Thomas Peterson, United States

Feeling, Dir: Romain Argento &  Jérémy Chieusse, France
Montana 1977, by Kimyan Flückiger, Switzerland
Deus Ex Machna, by Jessy Langlois, France
Blackout, by Reza Didar, Iran
Beats, by Simon Pfister, Germany
Apple Tree, by Olya Azhnakina, Russia
The Boy and the Mountain
, by Santiago Aguilera, Gabriel Monreal, Chile
Those Things are Known Horacio
, by Pedro Chilibroste, Uruguay
The Scratch,
by Alessandro Chirico, Italy
by Jan Vejnar, Czech Republic
TILT, by Björn Schürmann, Germany
A Dead Sea,
by Nahd Bashir, Israel
, by Tanya Larcinese, France
Do Not Feed The Pigeons
, by Antonin Niclass, United Kingdom
Frida, by Aleksandra Odic, Germany
Black Bag, by Lee Foster, Canada

Loris Freeman in Pierre & Jeanne, by Clémentine Célarié, Switzerland
Margarita Sanchez 
in Love Exhaustion, by Sam JanotSwitzerland
Jay Johnston and Greg Furman in Wing Dad, by Lucas Åström, United States
Thomas Garbo in Princess of Jerusalem, by Nicolas Paban and Guillaume Levil, France
Kati Rausch in Tigerlilly, by Kati Rausch, United States
Yevhenіi Konoshchuk in Worried about the matches, by Angelina Turska, Ukraine
Miguel Angel Jenner Redondo in Dear Juan Manuel, by José Luis López Ortiz, Spain
Aloys Balcou in Théo, by Tanya Larcinese, France
Steve Kasan in Black Bag, by Lee Foster, Canada
Lluís Soler in Sea Light, by John Doe, Spain
Talma Tal in Out of Play, by Romi Menachem, Israel