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Our 5th edition took place between 14th to 16th July.

We were delighted to welcome eleven filmmakers, coming from Switzerland, France, Reunion, Italy, Germany, Lebanon and Ukraine, who were with us to present their movie here in Lausanne!
3 movies and 1 script were awarded:


Best Feature
Zugvögel, by Johannes Buchholz, Germany
Zugvögel       Zugvögel
The film team. Photo: Louis Michel


Best Acting
Loris Freeman in Pierre & Jeanne, by Clémentine Célarié, Switzerland
Pierre & Jeanne      Pierre & jeanne
Loris Freeman receiving his award. Photo: Louis Michel


Best Short
Beats, by Simon Pfister, Germany
Beats    Beats awards
A friend of the filmmaker Simon Pfister, who could not be here, with the Best Short award. Photo: Louis Michel


Best Script 
Getting your hair cut in Indiana, by Rebecca Leigh, United States
Getting your hair cut in Indiana       Getting your hair cut in Indiana
Rebecca Leigh in her video message for Ouchy Film Awards. Video captation: Mediaprofil

Best Pitch
Kathryn Aboya, pitching Mekhala
Kathryn Aboya recevant son award. Photo: Louis Michel

Again, congratulation and thanks to all of them!


We also welcomed professionnals from the cinema and data analysis fields to participate to 4 discussion panels on the use of AI in the film industry.

1. What is the future of film industry?
What is the future of film industry
Captation: Mediaprofil

2. What problems can AI solve within filmmaking?
Panel 2
Captation: Mediaprofil

3. How does the human (artist) adapt to AI’s suggestion?
Panel 3
Captation: Mediaprofil

4. Financing movies with the help of AI
Panel 4
Captation: Mediaprofil



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