July 16th, 11:00am – What is the future of film industry?
Jelena Goldbach (ZAK Film Productions, Potsdam)
Loredana Rehekampff (Samsara Filmproduktion, Vienna)
Matthieu Rubin (Sazia Films, Paris)

July 16th, 12:00pm – What problems AI can solve within filmmaking?
Bastian Schöttner (Terra Mater Studios, Berlin)
Kathryn Aboya (Soul Heroine Entertainment, Caledonia)
Mads Damsbo (Kaspar AI, Copenhagen)
Sami Arpa (Largo Films, Lausanne)

July 16th, 2:30pm – How does the human (artist) adapt to AI’s suggestion?
Jonathan O’Hear (Festival AiiA, Geneva)
Pierry Jaquillard (ECAL, Lausanne)
Susan Schmidt (Avenue Road Productions, Sydney)
Uwe Schwarzwalder (KUSmagic Productions, Zürich)

July 16th, 3:30pm – Financing movies with the help of the AI
Lukas Beckenbauer (Silver Reel, Zürich)
Quentin Lee (Margin Films, Vancouver)
Talal Malik (Alpha1Media, London)

July 16th, 4:30pm -Pitching Session: Producers pitching their projects, powered by AI results

Halogram, by Susan Schmidt, Avenue Road Productions, Australia
Second First Love,  by Robert B. Williams, Vaticinate Pictures, UK
The After Light, by Annette Rodig, Hot Pot Productions, USA
Red Bus In Baghdad, by Aida Schlaepfer, Purattu Film Production, Canada
Anna LOL, by Guna Stahovska, Mojo Raiser Production, SIA KMVKP, Latvia
The Arnold Chronicles, by John Alfone, Corsair Media Productions, USA
Red Soil, by Paolo Mancini, Manafilm, Italy
Shaping Waves, by Antonio Celotto, Shifting Tides Productions, UK
Mekhala, by Kathryn Aboya, Soul Heroine Entertainment, Canada
The Spiritualization of Jeff Boyd, by Uwe Schwarzwalder, KUSmagic Productions, Switzerland
Savant, by Johanna Horn, Alidra Creative, Spain
Curfew, by Rodolfo Pereira, October Films, USA
Prem Prakaran, by Karl Janisse, Blackout Media, Canada
How to Talk with Spirits, by Quentin Lee, Margin Films, USA
The Hermit, by Gerry Pass, Chrome Entertainment, USA
Binding Eva, by Conscian Liberty Morgan, (Independent), USA
The Last Run, by Markus Otz, Emotive Visual Outlook Carpentry, Switzerland