Winners – 2nd Season 2018

Best Film

The Way HomeDir: Federico Olivetti,  Italy

Best  Director

The Sutherland SchoolDir: Iñaki Velasquez, Chile

Best  Screenplay

DispersionDir: Nikita Trocki, Belgium

Best  Editing

All’s FairDir: Mathieu Hussenot, France

Best  Cinematography

Yellow’s AnxietyDir: Viola Folador, Italy

Best  Actress

Thayla Ayala in A Touch of AuroraDir: Aditya Patwardhan, United States

Best  Actor

Bertrand Usclat in Bertrand, Dir: Guillaume Cremonese,  France

Best  Documentary

In FineDir: Inge Snijders, Belgium

Best  Animation

Sunny and Gerd in Spring Cleaning, Dir: DaCosta Bayley, Canada

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