Two friends, Hollywood producers are trying to save their business from bankruptcy and their careers from decaying by attempting to create an idea about ideal blockbuster out of old successful movies that will save them and bring them back on top. Two of them are imprisoned in their ideas, that aren’t original at all. Putting faith into remaking the existing blockbusters by adding their ideas is just spinning them into the enchanted circle. Even when they finally come up with something, they believe will be great, they do not know that all of their ideas are being stolen, and their struggle is for nothing but comedy. Hunting from ideas based on the famous fictional character like Charlie Champlin, Nosferatu and Sharon Stone makes this short film highly enjoyable for all types of public. The beginning of the film looks like it has been shot in the 80s and the end in the present. One of the aims of the director (Wayne J. Keeley) could be that he was trying to give us a flashback to the “old times” and make us never to forget it. Honestly, if that was his aim, he did an amazing job. The idea was very well organized and even better realized. Maybe all of that is just a result of “anomaly” created by the shooting span, created spontaneously. Even if that is the reason, it still represents a great work that will be trapped for a long time in the minds of the public.

Besides for their mockery of Hollywood, they are also taunting American politics and famous movie characters and music artists. From Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, George Bush, Donald Trump and his “conspiracy” with Russians, to Elvis, Jurassic Park, Terminator and Rambo, almost everyone is included in this great and absurd comic drama.

The acting is highly comical and sophomoric, some people could think that “it is too much” but that was the point of the film. Highly creative and smart in its numbness. The “fantastic trio” made this short comedy film amazing. Interactions between Potters (David Belafonte), Grover (Stephen Kearney) and Scratcher (Jack Plotnick) will make you laugh until you cry. It’s a fun in reverse, the film is wonderful in the beginning and becoming less and less attractive when it is closing to an end. That was maybe the filmmaker’s point, maybe by his way of thought, the films were better before while being “dopey” and covered in plaster. Maybe that is just how some of the watchers will experience the story and the meaning of this film.

Directing is “colorful” and almost chaotic, there is 80s and 90s pastel color and present HD mixture put together. There is nothing strange about that because this short film was shot in the time span of twenty-five years.

Unique in its nature, great, entertaining and it is one of the kind wonderful film with a genius script with probably one of the longest shooting spans in history of short film making. Surely, it represents an amazing piece of art.