Accident de persone (Person’s accident) is the short film that managed to turn darkness into light, sadness into the way of happiness and total emotional breakdown to hope. This short film also leaves us with many questions about the possible meaning of the story. The suicide is the most obvious one. When all things go down in your life, some people just cannot find the meaning anymore and the suicide represents the only way out all of the problems. But what is the deeper meaning? What does the main characters (Eglant Zeqiraj; Patricia Poma) represent? The meaning of the story is surely deeply philosophical. Obviously, he is not looking for attention by talking about suicide, which is clearly depicted by the main character simply laying down on the train tracks. By his way of acting it looks like he is suffering from depression. He is coming from work, which can be concluded by the look of his bag and the way he is dressed. Maybe he fell deep into the claws of existential crisis, because of endless hours and days of precious life that he has spent working something he understood pointless, as something that is just prolonging your suffering. From the scientific point of view doctors, lawyers, dentist and psychologists are more likely to commit suicide. It could be that none of this is correct, maybe he was just lonely and he could not take the loneliness anymore. The loneliness could be the main reason for his “failed attempt” to commit suicide, because he reacted to the girl’s voice and almost immediately stood up from the train tracks. Why would someone care about his belongings if he has decided to commit suicide? The girl is probably also suffering from loneliness which we find out in the end (her father’s accident) at the same place the suicidal man was lying down. Is that the reason that she knew that he is not going to jump? In some moments this film is becoming tragi-comic, for example when she is suggesting him to jump. She knew he was not going to jump and also, she didn’t reply to his question in order to make watcher think. Outcome of her actions were more than positive. She saved a life, made a new friend and in time maybe something more.

The acting is not impressive but it delivered the desired message to the public. It made this short film a good watch and did not leave any negative impressions.

Beautiful, philosophical and psychological short film with script clear as day but yet mysterious. The real beauty of this film is that is leaving so much open space, so many unsolved little mysteries that creates almost endless possibilities and outcomes to evolve in the watcher’s mind. At some moments intense and wrong decision can make the terrible disaster. The mind of a suicidal person is like a ticking bomb. Don’t pull the wires if you are not hundred percent sure what are you doing, because one tiny mistake can make you spend the rest of your life in regret.