Some may find it insulting, some may find it not so clever, but everybody no matter what are their beliefs or standards will laugh until they cry at least a couple of times. The short film – Jesus rides a Harley represents a highly comical parody of bikers, religion and state in society all in total. Story could be understood in many ways, and everyone will have their own understanding of it. The film had only one goal and that is to entertain the public by making them laugh their face off.

J.C. (Michael Boston) seems like an ordinary L.A. man. One night his motorbike started having some problems and he went on looking for a mechanic to fix it. J.C. mistook address and accidentally met Alina (Kay Wilson). Two of them fell really quickly into the highly intimate relationship. Alina was actually thinking that J.C. is Jesus from the first time she saw him at the door. That part of the film has small but highly comical elements and will be probably the public’s one of the favorite parts.

J.C. was actually a peaceful biker that focused his attention solely on his Harley. People that suddenly happened to be in his surrounding proclaimed him Jesus, that even he started to believe in it.

There are a few important things that this film is trying to deliver to us. You can be both what others think you are or what you believe you are, the choice is yours. Also, you can become and do anything you want, you just have to believe. Woman in a man’s life is important, because as it is depicted here, woman can make any man feel saint-like.

Acting was just as it is supposed to be for this kind of movie. The main characters did an amazing job in fulfilling the directors (Michael Bolton) wishes and realized all of the ideas that make this short film entertaining for the public.

At some moments the film has elements and a sense of humor that could be found in old British comedy movies that were making fun out of religion. What is surely represented in this film is the state of the mind of masses that is almost no different than the state of mind of the people that crucified Jesus. People need and want to believe, but when you provide them miracles they tend to attack you both physically and verbally because their simple minds cannot comprehend that. Even when the provided request to perform a miracle is fulfilled, that was proof that he indeed is Jesus the mass still made fun of him and continued with further provocations. The comedy becomes greater when the Jesus expert (Piankhi Iknaton) comes to evaluate J.C. (Michael Boston) if he is really Jesus.

The film looks like it has been made as a memorial for a friend that died in the accident.
But hey, the most important message that this film is sending is that all bikers go to heaven.