Rorrim – a short film about a girl suffering from multiple personality disorder (MPD). Amazing young actress (Teressa Liane) makes you read from her expressions what is going on both on the inside and on the outside. Forever consuming our emotions and not sharing them with friends or family can make one, just like the main character, loose their mind permanently. Another problem is that we are living in a world where mental condition is still a big taboo subject. A lot of persons that are aware that they have a problem are ashamed to admit it, and to talk about it. Usually the time when we discover that somebody had a problem is when it’s too late.

As most of the people has an image in their head about the human mind being integrated and consistent, such difference in the one’s behavior creates questions which of the behaviors of the specific person represents the real one, the first, second, third or how much exists. Some believe that actually all of the personalities combined represent the “real me”.

Adrianne (Teressa Liane) looks like that her personality is not integrated as it should be. Instead there are weakly connected parts of the mind, and one of them is taking over the control or is being activated at the unknown time triggered by the different situations. Her mind is “fragmented” on three parts. One of them is the “normal” state of mind, as we see it, being happy and enjoying life. Second one that completely makes her a different person is harming her body and destroying her belongings. It represents her emotions that are being suppressed. It is telling us that the actual “normal” mind condition is actually not satisfied with the life she is leading, that there is something more than just living it the small apartment, going to work and wearing boring clothes. The third personality wants to safe her from the malicious one, representing a form of her mind’s defensive mechanism.
Which one will prevail, is there a way out?

When the conflict between her personalities becomes intense, her “normal” state becomes totally blocked. In that state, she is utterly uncapable of helping herself. She needs the help of a doctor that seems unreachable.

Another possible interpretation of this sinister short film is the spiritual possession. As in many famous horror films about demonic possession, the “patients” in the beginning are considered to be mentally ill. Maybe this second interpretation is more correct because of the ending. Maybe the light was just different, but something definitively happened with Adrianne’s eyes. The evil took over. What will happen to her friend?

High quality directing (M.P. Murdock) gave us insight into all of the little details that put the puzzle together. The simple but great idea, and the amazing acting made this film prestigious to watch. The presented problem should be thought about by many people. We should remove the mental health from the taboo subject category.
Have you ever wondered how many personalities you have?