Reconnection-Poster-2560x3840Even though communication was never easier, with Internet and smart phones, people have never been more disconnected from one another. Obsessed with the need to earn more, buy more, have more, we find ourselves forgetting to enjoy the time we spend with our loved ones. “Reconnection” is a story of a man (Sean Fletcher) so caught up in his work and online life, that he forgot to live. After everything seems to be falling apart, he takes the advice from Govinda Swami and visits the enchanting Vrindavan hoping the find new direction, to become less lost in the world. After the initial struggle with the burden of technology in an otherwise technology-less world of Vrindavan, he starts learning how to experience the world around him not through the technology, but through his own senses. He realizes that “the Internet is a pretty handy tool, you can get anything you want. But it can’t make you feel what it’s being pounded on by the kids nor the sensation of a cow’s tongue on your skin. Some things you just can’t Google.” Only by letting yourselve feel the world around you, by admiting your flaws and your mistakes to yourself you can hope to begin to right your wrongs and live your life as opposed to observing it through the camera lense.

The other major theme of the movie is love – the selfless, all encompassing love, that humbles gods and men alike. At first it strikes him as odd that the poor people of Vrindavan seem so eager to share with him what little they have, wanting nothing in return but his open mind to try all of his senses. Those little things, like eating a meal prepared on the open hearth of a humble home with his bare fingers, feeling all the textures and tastes and smells completely, are what shook him the most. It is here that he realizes how much her wronged the woman he loves the most, by listening to the simple truth of stories about Krishna and Radha. As he realizes that the man was made to love, freely, without bonds or anything in return, he gathers strength to right his wrongs, much like Krishna did to get his Radha back.

One could say that there are two lead roles in “Reconnection” – Sean (Armand Gachet) and Vrindavan – the mystical village of temples, rich in spirituality, simple life and that special energy that brings good to everyone who visits. Humble in its apparenceVrindavan is not trying to awe you by grandeur of white temples and impeccable nature. What it offerse is healing experience through helping others and sharing your life and love with them. The movie invites adventurers, roamers and all who might have lost their way to come and visit. After all, the only reason to leave Vrindavan is to tell others about it. With this movie, those who have found peace in Vrindavan, don’t have any more reasons to leave it ever again.