Futureworld represents a great animation that leads us through the unusual journey through the state of things of today, all the way to distant future. It is depicting the possible aftermath of the rise of technology, i.e. the impact of technology on human population. How big are the benefits and how great are the disadvantages of the modern technology? There are choices, but do the right ones even exist?

If we pay attention to the current state of things, considering the influence of technology on the human beings, we don’t have to be psychic in order to see the possibility of the catastrophic future. We are burying ourselves in our shells, satisfied with our phones and computers, we don’t even have a need to go outside to see the light of day or interact with other people. Yes, in some ways the technology made our lives easier. The communication with people that are far away is easier than ever. It is simple, available to everyone without limits of time and space. The negative side is that we are aware that it is easier to communicate with our friends and family on the internet, but we are forgetting how to behave with other people in person. Even, the virtual love stories exist, they begin virtually and end virtually, without any real-world contact. It is scary how nowadays you can just visit any online profile of the person you are interested to communicate with and get almost all of their personal information you are interested in. Nothing can and should replace the real world, because the life is made of little things we do with other people, not virtually but in the real world. Virtual stays virtual, we can just lie to ourselves claiming otherwise.

The animation shows us also that in a way, we are becoming extremely addicted to the technology and somehow, we are its slaves. In a way we are slowly turning into robots, just following commands, rarely using our own head. Buried in our screens we are not aware of what is going on around us. We do see what is going on sometimes on our screens but our actions are equal to zero.

Majority of the people will probably be using their phones, checking their Facebook and Instagram accounts while watching this animation. Some would probably the same while reading this review. What is the message that we should understand? We are the ones that created the abomination of today’s technology, we are its master and we should never let it to gain the control over our lives.

Christopher Angus did a great job in visually showing us all of things mentioned above. Animation is comical, it will surely make you laugh most of the time, but the true message of this animation is much more serious than depicted. The idea is simple but beautifully realized. The story should make everyone think about the influence of technology on their lives and be aware of the psychology behind it.