Short low budget horror-mystery film about a man who cheated death. Poetic beginning, with the focus on the old stone statues gave it a Victorian tone. If it was kept in that direction, the film would be much more sinister, which was one of the aims of the director (Double R3).

A young man, Charlie (Christian Bourgeois) is sitting in a bar and “celebrating” the beginning of a new life. He gets into encounter with Steven, a mysterious man (Nick Vincent Barbera) that will change his life forever. What does the box that Steven left and Charly later picked up represents? Is it the Pandora’s box? Is there hope at the bottom of it or it is just nothing? Or perhaps, is it something even more evil? Is it the box of Dybbuk – a wine box haunted by the malicious spirit that is haunting and possessing the living. By the look of the box itself, it does look like a wine box, therefore it is not the Pandora’s box that haunts the main character.

What does death represent? Each person will provide a different answer. Is it closely in connection with time? The answer is probably yes. Time could be considered as one of the deaths “variables”. A variable of a sinister system that will sooner or later consume everything and everyone. How do we cheat death? If we could meddle with time, maybe we could provide an answer to this not at all easy question. I guess that only Charlie Berry knows the answer.

If you got a second chance for life, would you take it? This film is carrying a deep philosophical meaning and it is directing the public to think about the thing that everybody is actually trying not to think about. Next thing that comes together with thoughts about death is the existential crisis. The state of mind that is torturing us with searching for our meaning I.e. the question: “What is the purpose of life when one day we shall die anyway”?
Death is just the part of our life. Our deeds, our success and our failures are nothing more than the rebellion against death.

This post-film text made the film better and left the public shocked and in wonder. Is the story based on the real events? That question is for everyone to figure on their own.
Based on the FBI Missing Persons Report, a young man named Charlie Berry was killed in a terrible plane crash over the Atlantic in June 2006. In a plane crash he and more than one-hundred and fifty passengers died. A decade later, in October of 2016, sightings of Charlie Berry have been reported. FBI found his location and brought him in from questioning. Later that day he mysteriously disappeared before any of the FBI agents could get to him. Like in the film, he was constantly making calls regarding his sister Luann Berry.

Good, unforgettable and entertaining short film that will haunt you even in your dreams.