Jimmy (Samuel Travis) is a calm, smart and caring little boy. That could be seen in the first seconds of this wonderful short film. The kids never forget the abuse or when someone is ignoring them, those terrible memories are usually the first ones we have. The story of this short film took an inspiration in the darkness of the childhood traumas, but it has been told in the most positive and heartwarming way. It is depicting the real-life problems and it is showing us how we should fight them.

One day Jimmy hears a noise coming from the behind of his closet. He goes to check and finds a little mouse there. Right away he gave him a name, Theodor. He gave the meaning to the little creature and found friend in him, found a cure for his loneliness. As he is unspoiled by the atrocities of this world, his child innocence is giving him an urge to take care of the cute little being. Right away he runs to the kitchen and grabs a cookie to feed the mouse, taking care not to be seen by his strict emotionless father. Inhuman father made him commit an unexplainable act, that left the scar on Jimmy’s mind forever. How could a parent treat their child like that? A father with complete absence of feelings, treating his child the way not even an adult should be treated, should not be a father at all.

Jimmy, with scarred mind, grows up to become just like his father. His childhood trauma got the best of him, but unlike his father he posseses human emotions and remembers his childhood. After remembering what happened in the past, he asks his little son for forgiveness.

It should be taken care of, to break the terrible cycle of abuse. A never-ending abuse that goes on for generations should be stopped. Abuse of the children is the main causer of the mental illness during the adulthood. Many of the people we know today that are psychologically suffering are carrying some scar from their childhood. There is no healing the scars completely, they are forever to remain, they are just possible to suppress.
People believe that the phycological trauma will not have influence on the future generations. They are wrong, it crawls into our genes and it is spanning for generations.

Award worthy directing (Christian Sørup Jensen) and amazing child actor (Samuel Traviss) told us at the same time heartbreaking and heartwarming story. Shot quality, and camera movement is great, with suitable pacing and good narrative propulsion. Grown up Jimmy (Simon Pothecary) delivered al the emotions so fast in the most beautiful way possible that will for sure make many of the watchers cry. Simon Pothecary’s acting skills are top notch, all the director’s requests were executed in highly professional manner.

This amazing short film will be stuck in the mind of the watcher for a long time. It is teaching us a life lesson, that shouldn’t be ignored no matter if you are a parent or not.